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MakeUp Eraser UK

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cloth work

You will notice, there are 2 different sides to this amazing cloth.  The combination of the long exfoliation side and the shorter (baby blanket/bathrobe) feeling side that allows you to remove all makeup with just water.

Will it dry out my face

It will not dry out your face since you are just using water.  If you are naturally dry, you can always use your moisturiser after removing your makeup.   Because you are not using chemicals this should help with your face drying out.

Will it remove waterproof mascara

Yes. As seen on the box, MakeUp Eraser will remove waterproof mascara. (I show people the box and how it says, “Removes waterproof mascara in just seconds”.  This usually reassures customers.)

What if I have sensitive skin and breakout

If you have sensitive skin, you could most likely be breaking out because of chemicals in the products you are using on your face and what it leaves in your pores.  You would be a great candidate and would benefit the most from MakeUp Eraser.  You will no longer need to use any expensive chemical product on your face that may cause these breakouts and/or dryness.

Why can’t I just buy this as a fabric

The fabric used in our MakeUp Eraser features a very special proprietary blend of fibres.  Our cloths are created to do only one thing, and that is to erase makeup.  You will not find anything as effective, as natural, as the MakeUp Eraser in shops.

Does it remove bacteria

It does remove bacteria that are left on your face and in your pores because it cleans your face.  Most people are shocked after washing with a chemical product and using the Eraser how much makeup their product missed.