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Makeup Eraser Infuse Wash

The MakeUp Eraser Infuse Wash is ideal for keeping your favourite Makeup Eraser clean during washes, but can also be used as a face cleanser or to clean brushes.

Loaded with powerful antioxidants, the wash removes free radicals and bacteria. The radicals and bacteria can cause wrinkles and imperfections. The wash also contains electrons that repair damaged skin. The wash makes your skin smoother, younger and healthier with a beautiful shine!

This wash :

• Is ideal to keep your Makeup Eraser clean.
• Can you also use as a face cleanser.
• Contains powerful antioxidants and electrons.
• Removes free radicals and bacteria.
• Restores damaged skin.
• Makes your skin smoother, younger and healthier.
• Gives your skin a nice shine.

Contains : 59 ml.

Makeup Eraser infuse wash